Web Design

EC Web designs your website according to your needs, preferences, and goals.

We create a custom layout, color scheme, typography, and graphics for your website, as well as ensure that it is responsive, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized.

EC Web also adds features and functionalities such as contact forms, e-commerce, blogs, etc. to your website, using various tools and platforms.

Website Assistance

EC Web can do website related tasks for you and give website related support that saves you time.

This includes updating and maintaining your website, fixing any errors or bugs, adding or removing content, improving the performance and security of your website, and providing technical support and guidance to you whenever you need it.

You don't have to ever lift a finger when it comes to your website again.

Video Editing

Whether you need a business ad, an Instagram reel, a Tik Tok video, a FB or Whatsapp status, a Youtube short, or anything else...

EC Web can help you turn your vision into reality with it's professional video editing service tailored to your needs.

Produce high-quality videos that will capture your audience’s attention and deliver your message effectively.

Digital Marketing Tips

EC Web looks at various things, like your website, social media, and analytics, and gives marketing suggestions based on these things to assist with your business.

This includes analyzing the website’s traffic, conversions, bounce rate, and other metrics, as well as the client’s social media presence, engagement, and reach.

  Based on these data, EC Web can suggest ways to improve the website’s content, design, and functionality, as well as your social media strategy, campaigns, and ads, to attract more visitors and increase sales.


Ecommerce websites, you can sell your products or services online. Business websites, you can showcase your brand, services, portfolio, and testimonials.

Blog, portfolio, event, and personal websites are just some examples of websites that Ec Web's web designer can create for you.

EC Web loves to help small businesses and individuals get online. It can be hard to afford a website when you’re just starting out or have a tight budget.

EC Web doesn't do complicated websites that cost you a lot and take forever to make, but instead makes simple and effective websites that suit your needs and goals.

EC Web uses proven, sleek website designs that work well and customizes them for each client, making them look unique. That way, your website is created in no time and gets you online as soon as possible.

All websites created by EC Web are designed securely, and your data is backed up. EC Web does not handle your billing information when creating your website or e-commerce store. If there is a need, EC Web will request that you input these details yourself.

Yes. You will be in full control of the website and its domain. EC Web will not own your website but can provide you with services for it, such as website design and assistance.

When you pay EC Web, your website's domain and hosting are included in the price, and we set up your website for you. Your website will be hosted by EC Web, which means your domain will be under EC Web's account.

You will still have full control of your website. If you decide you'd like to move your website and domain elsewhere, you can do so at anytime.

From the creation of your website, you will have access to a recent backup of your website, which can be used if you desire to migrate your website.

Yes. You can, at any point, even after the website is online.

No. After your site is designed and your payment for website creation is made, ownership and control of your website belong entirely to you.

You will handle all your business transactions and refunds for your business. EC Web will help setup your ecommerce store on your website but will not handle any of your business transactions or dealings with your clients.


You can! Feel free to look at EC Web's reviews and testimonials. Browse our portfolio and see some of the people that have worked with EC Web.

You can also try our website services before you commit. EC Web can design a website for you based on your needs, but you pay only when you're completely satisfied with the design and ready to launch your website.

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